Neuropathic Dry Needling Course


To book on the Neuropathic Dry Needling course in London UK in October,  please click on the Dry Needling Courses tab above and select a country / region and the NDN course you wish to attend.

Have you registered your details yet? You must first register your details here to give us your info before booking on a course.

If you have already registered, then log in here and navigate to the DN course webpage you want to attend to submit your booking.

Not all professions in all countries/states allow you to train and practice dry needling. The law for PT’s in South Africa, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Qatar, Saud Arabia, the UAE etc (where DN is in the scope of practice of PT’s and thus permitted) is different to that in Singapore, Poland and Germany for example (where DN is NOT in the scope of practice of PT’s and thus NOT permitted).

Furthermore, the law for PT’s in the USA is different from state to state; in Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada DN is permitted, in places like Washinton state and Maryland, there is no formal ruling wheras in Florida, Hawaii, New York and California, DN is not permitted for PT’s. The onus is on you, the professional to check with your professional organisation whether you are legally permitted to train and practice dry needling in the state / country where you live.

Club Physio cannot be held liable for any professional therapist who books and pays for a DN course that they are legally and professionally not permitted to take or attend or practice in their state / country; no refunds will be applied if an incorrect booking is made.