DN Level 1 Course

The Dry Needling Level 1 course is made up of 3 intense days of theoretical and practical dry needling training. After day 3 you will be tired, bruised but invigorated with an awesome and effective new treatment technique that you can immediately add to your range of therapies the very next day in your clinic. 

Level 1 Course Outline – Day 1:

The Lumbar Spine and Pelvis

Day 1 covers the ‘how to’ of Dry Needling including current myofascial and trigger point concepts, pathophysiology of muscles and trigger points ,superficial and deep DN, complications, do’s and don’ts, clean and safe needling techniques, no go areas, referred pain and needle types and needle choices.

Participants  will begin their needling in the lateral thigh and superficial buttock (glute max) and progress to the deep buttock (glute med, min and piriformis), the TFL and iliopsoas and the lumbar spine (erector spinae, multifidus and quadratus lumborum).

Course duration: 1 Day

Day 1 is the pre-requisite for days 2 and 3.

Level 1 Course Outline – Day 2:

The Cervical Spine and upper quarter

Day 2 gets you going!  Having built up your needling confidence on day 1, we bring in the cervical spine and upper quarter, challenging your surface anatomy and palpation skills as you work the cervical spine, over the ribs and around the scapula and upper thorax. Knowledge of your surface and functional anatomy here is vital – no essential.

We start with the traps and sternocleidomastoid (we exclude the scalenes for level 2; the scalenes are very tricky due to the associated risks). We then progress to the cervical spine muscles and head down to levator scapulae, rhomboids, the rotator cuff group and we finish off with the pecs and lats.

Course duration: One Day

Day 2 is the pre-requisite day 3.

Participants will be able to apply techniques they have learnt on the course immediately in their clinical situations for the areas they have learnt.

Level 1 Course Outline – Day 3;

The Orofascial area and extremities
On day 3, we take an look at the head and face and temporomandibular muscles and move down the upper limb (deltoid, biceps, triceps, brachialis, brachioradialis) to the forearm (supinator, pronator teres, common flexors and extensors) and the lower limb (quads, adductors, sartorius, hamstrings) to the lower leg (popliteus, gastrocs, soleus, peronei, FHL, tib anterior and tib posterior).

Course duration: One day

Day 3 is the final day for the Level 1 course.

Participants will be able to apply all the techniques they have learnt on this course immediately in their clinical situations.

Completion of the Level 1 course allows for admission to the advanced DN2 course and certification as a dry needling practitioner.