DNI Courses

All potential DN Practitioners need to complete Modules 1-5 and the Anatomy Module in order to be recognised by the DNI as a dry needling practitioner. In some cases, therapists will be required to complete a Myofascail Trigger Point Therapy course before modules 1-5.
The DNI also offers a Dry Needling Anatomy and a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy course as adjunct courses to the dry needling modules as well as a route for DN practitioners to become DN Instructors. Only qualified and suitably experienced DN practitioners may register to train for the DN Instructors course.


DN instructors need to complete a certain amount of hours of DN course assisting hours before they can take the DN Instructor exam. More info to follow re training to become a DN instructor.

DN course are currently being offered in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Rep of Ireland, Sweden, India and the USA.