Dry Needling – Anatomy Update Course

The Anatomy Update course will cover all the musculo-skeletal and myofascial systems playing a major role in human anatomy and specifically for the technique of dry needling. The material will be presented in a practical and comprehensive manner giving you a solid understanding and perspective of how the anatomical systems present in relation to the dry needling techniques.

The focus of the course is on the specific and applicable need-to-know facts of the myofascial system in relation to dry needling and what must be understood from a superficial and functional anatomical viewpoint as well as the risk factors and no-go areas when it comes to needling. This easy-to-follow 1-day course is ideal for any therapist wanting to update their musculo-skeletal and myofascial anatomy and is also a pre-requisite for attaining certification as a dry needling practitioner.

Course duration: 1 day