Become a Dry Needling Instructor

Following the completion of DN Modules 1-5 and the Anatomy Update course, participants who want to become accredited Dry Needling Instructors and teach Dry Needling courses need to take the DN Instructors course.

Prerequisites to taking the Instructor’s course are:

  • A minimum of 5 years clinical experience in their profession.
  • Completion of DN Modules 1 to 5 courses.
  • Completion of the Dry Needling Anatomy course.
  • Certification and registration as a DN practitioner with the DNI.
  • 70 hours of DN assisting incorporating all Dry Needling Modules 1 to 5.
  • Practical co-teaching sessions for modules 1-5.
  • Presentation of case histories and research articles.


Participants taking the the DN Instructor’s course will need to pass the Dry Needling Instructor’s practical and theory exam.

Participants who complete all aspects of the DN Instructor’s course  will be able to teach the DN Modules 1-5 courses.