The Dry Needling Institute (DNI) is a support body established to enhance the education and training of qualified healthcare practitioners in dry needling. DNI members are regulated healthcare practitioners (HCPs) in their own clinical environment who practise dry needling within the scope of their professional practice in the country of their registration.

Interest in DN over the past 8-10 years among HCPs has grown exponentially.The DNI thus aims to provide a support base for therapists who are already trained and using dry needling in their practice as well as those who wish to learn and incorporate DN into their clinical environment.


Our mission statement:

  • Educating HCP’s in the correct principles and practical application of Dry Needling therapy.
  • The promotion of research and study into Dry Needling and its effects on the myofascial system.
  • Promoting the benefits of safe and effective dry needling to the medical profession and the public.

Dry Needling Practitioner Certification
Participants who complete the Dry Needling Level 1 course and 2 advanced course modules and pass the practitioner’s exam will be certified and recognised as Dry Needling Practitioners by the DNI.

Become a Dry Needling Instructor?
The DNI also offers a route whereby DN practitioners can become DN Instructors. Only qualified and suitably experienced DN practitioners may register to train for the DN Instructors course. DN instructors need to complete 70 hours of DN course assistance before they can take the DN Instructor’s exam. Assisting on DN modules as part of the instructors course requires candidate instructors to assist on mod 1-3 and mod 4 -5 courses whilst making up the 70 hours.